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Frescobol Set "Carioca"

A very fun outdoor game for the holidays and weekend. It is like beach tennis but on steroids!

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"This Frescobol set is so much better than the regular beach rackets”


✔️FUN FOR EVERYBODY, YOUNG AND OLD - Beginners or experts will enjoy playing frescobol with these rackets. Great entertainment for everybody!

✔️HANDCRAFTED -Enjoy to play with the best looking beach rackets. Amsterdam Carioca frescobol sets offer an amazing game experience. Much better than regular and cheaper sets. You will need to try them once to experience it, and high chance you will never go back to the other sets.

✔️PREMIUM QUALITY - Made to last using a sturdy blend of woods (Basswood, Black Walnut and Red Cherry) crafted to perfection

✔️MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!- AIf you try these and you still prefer to use cheap bats, no problem, you will get a full refund! reach out to us and we will make it happen:

Both set are amazing to play. The Amsterdam set is more suitable for players who enjoy maximum speed and power. The Carioca set is lighter and offers a more controlled game experience.

Free shipping in EU for orders above 125€
Below 125€ shipping starts at 7.95€ depending on the country

Get a full refund if you do not like the set. Very simple and straight forward.


FUN AND DYNAMIC. A sport that brings people together

Frescobol is a sport to play together not against each other. The more you play with your partner the better it becomes.

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EASY TO PLAY EVERYWHERE Frescobol is for everyone

The perfect outdoor activity for weekends and holidays. Suitable for everyone, young and old, who wants to have fun!

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OUR VISION We want to bring the highest quality sporting goods for everybody to enjoy

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Frequently Asked Questions


This is a very good question!

The Carioca Set is our lighter option. It allows players to play with more control and with less power. This would be the most suitable option if you intend to play with kids or women without other racket sport experience.

Lets put it this way, the Carioca Set is the entry level for Frescobol.

The Amsterdam Set is heavier and it allows players to play with a more power. If you have experience with other racket sports such as Tenis, Padel, etc. This would be the perfect set for you.

Here is a a more detailed explanation of differences:

Carioca Set: basswood, black walnut and Red Cherry stripes, weight per racket ca. 290g

Amsterdam Set: basswood and black walnut stripes, weight per racket ca. 400g

We believe that Frescobol is suitable for kids 9 and older.

Younger kids might struggle controlling the rackets since the are between 300 and 400g.

There is no age limit to play but we have not seen many 70+ playing Frescobol.

This is a very valid question and we get this all the time.

Our Frescobol sets are handcrafted using only high quality woods.

The crafting process is complex and the materials very expensive.

When comparing to other beach sets mainly made of plastic at a large scale (and in many cases at a very poor quality) we are a completely different type of product.

The game experience and the durability of our sets are what sets us apart.

We use the following woods on our sets:

Amsterdam Set: basswood with black walnut stripes

Carioca Set: basswood with black walnut and red cherry stripes


Selling in different marketplaces comes with extra cost. We try to absorb most of the extra costs but some of them are passed to our clients as well.

When selling in our own website we have the ability to adjust those prices and also make promotions.

Shipping & Returns

Absolutely, we want our clients to be happy and our rackets to be used everywhere. So if for any reason you do not like the rackets and want a refund please reach us out to:

Within Europe, you should receive your order within 2-4 working days.

Since we ship from The Netherlands, deliveries for this country should take a little less time.

Customer Say

Truly amazing brand! Always improving and making sure athletes wear the smoothest glove in the game!🤩

Brenda Beers

Olympia Haarlem & NL Fastpitch Team

This glove is the most beautiful glove I have ever had. In terms of quality I have only one word: WAUW !

Glennsig (Polo) Polonius

Captain NL fastpitch team & Vennep Flyers (NL)

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