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Martin Schneider, Czech Republic

Czech National Team

I used to play only with Rawlings for the last 20 years. Last 2 were the highest models for $800 and your glove is comparable to this, plus there is the exclamation point, that it could be customized. So you are my future number #1 brand for gloves for the rest of my career 😉

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Esteban Prioul, France

French National Team & Rouen Huskies

I recommend the Gimmel Sports brand. A very good value for money. I am happy to work with Gimmel which allows me to perform in France and internationally !  Thank you !

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Brenda Beers, The Netherlands

Olympia Haarlem & NL Fastpitch Team

Truly amazing brand! Always improving and making sure athletes wear the smoothest glove in the game!🤩

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Fred Terkelsen, Denmark

Hørsholm Hurricanes & DK National Team

Gimmel Sports is the best leather i’ve played with throughout the years. There is lots of choices and love how you can personalize it the way you want to. The gloves quality is really top of the line. Same goes with the batting gloves. They’re super comfortable, and durable. It’s a big bonus that you can get them in team colours and even get batting gloves with your team logo. I’ll for sure use Gimmel Sports the rest of my playing career.

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Glennsig (Polo) Polonius, The Netherlands

Captain NL fastpitch team & Vennep Flyers (NL)

This glove is the most beautiful glove I have ever had. In terms of quality I have only one word: WAUW !

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Peter Saldana, USA

Pro Baseball Player

I have been using a Gimmel glove for the past 2+ seasons now and have been extremely impressed with the quality of the leather and how my gloves keep their shape. I love the ability to customize my glove exactly how I envision with more and more colors being added every day!

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Timen van Geel, Belgium

Borgerhout Squirrels (BE) & Former BE Baseball Team

Awesome piece of leather… it fits and feels perfect. Quality and service really great. THANK YOU GIMMEL SPORTS

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Matyas Koluch, Czech Republic

Snails Kunovice (CZ)

I love it. The glove is very durable and the leather Is just awesome!

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Christopher Anasagasti, The Netherlands

Sparks Haarlem

fell in love with my first GS-Pro glove and now 3 gloves later i am still in love with them. amazing quality leather and very durable i still use all 3 of my gloves. Shout out to gimmel sports for making this al possible.

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Rik van Zwet, The Netherlands


I've used different gloves from different brands over the years and Gimmel truly stands head and shoulders above the pack. The quality and care that go into making the glove right for you really make you feel like a pro, as you can tailor just about anything to fit your style. The fact that I could customize both the shape and look of the glove to really fit me makes all the difference, because I'm no longer walking on the field with just any glove; I'm walking on the field with MY glove!

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Quincy Jones, The Netherlands

Olympia Haarlem (NL) & Former NL Fastpitch Team

Quality and looks are equally great. Very happy with the leather of this glove.

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Yana Rotthier, Belgium

Beveren Lions & Twins Oosterhout

I have been using my glove for a year now, easily one of the best gloves I've had! Love the fact it’s custom made! Amazing customer service as well, always available to answer questions if needed. Thank you for the great service and the great glove!

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Alexander Artz, Sweden

Enköping Base-&Softball & Swedish fastpitch team

I'm super happy with the glove! Break-in was a pleasure because it didn't take forever and the leather still feels superb!

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Michelle van der Meer, The Netherlands

Olympia Haarlem (NL)

Great piece of leather!! I love how personal you can make the glove. Won’t be needing a new glove any time soon.

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Ivan Razvan, Romania

Mainz Athletics

The glove from Gimmel is fantastic,it’s made with exceptional quality and durability.I have it for 2 years already and i feel better since.You also can customize your glove in a very special mode. Choose Gimmel with all your trust!!!

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Aaron Solis, Belgium

Borgerhout Squirrels (BE)

One of the best gloves i’ve had since a long time! Easy to break in, have been using it for several months now and shape is Still the same! Just a great piece of leather! Thank you for the great service, the follow up and the great glove!

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Arjan “Driede” Rector, The Netherlands

HCAW (NL) & Former NL Fastpitch Team

My beautiful tribute-to-my-team glove. Love it!!

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Matthias De Baets, Belgium

Borgerhout Squirrels (BE)

Amazing piece you guys it’s already been put to good use and it’s and absolute joy to play with it!!!! Kudos to you👊🏻

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Bintars (IT)

Sono rimasto estremamente soddisfatto del risultato ma soprattutto dalla qualità del guanto... Consigliato al 100%!

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Dean van Steenbergen, The Netherlands

Orioles (NL)

Really like the look and feel! The quality of the leather and all the options to customize! My next one is definitely going to be a gimmel glove again!!

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Nick V. Rietschoten, The Netherlands

DVH Amstelveen (NL)

Awesome glove, it looks phenomenal and feels even better. Will not be using any other glove for a long time!

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Noah Boer, The Netherlands

SC Vlaardingen Holy (NL)

Love the glove, real good quality! My hand finally doesn't hurt anymore💪🏻

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Tom Poelman, The Netherlands

DVH Amstelveen & Scimitars Academy (NL)

Really happy with my G-Pro. Leather quality is great and the glove is breaking in very nicely!

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Daan Frank, The Netherlands

Red Lions (NL)

Really nice glove, you can design it yourself and I don't think I'll need another glove anytime soon