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G-Pro Plyo Balls Set for Softball Pitching Training


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G-Pro Plyo Balls Set for Softball Pitching Training 

This set of Plyo balls comes in the size of regular Softballs (12 Inch)  with a soft plyo outer shell and filled with sand inside. 

They are great for arm care and velocity development.

Many pitchers all over the world are using plyo balls in their training routines.

There are numerous ways the plyo balls can be used, but we suggest incorporating them as part of a thoughtful program that takes into account training age, time of year, intensity, arm care etc. especially when incorporating over- and underload.

Each set comes with 5 Balls of different weights and colours and a carry bag.

BLACK - 2.2lbs ~ 1000g - This is the heaviest Ball. It is mainly used for spins, arm care, slow arm patterns and lower half leg work. 

DARK GREY - 1lb ~ 450g - This Ball is mainly used for spins, arm care, slow arm patterns and lower half leg work. 

NAVY BLUE - 9oz ~ 225g - This Ball is great for spins, pitching drills, overhand and underhand patterns.

ROYAL BLUE - 7oz ~ 200g - Approximately the weight of a softball! Awesome for maximum arm and leg speed drills. This is our favorite Plyo Ball for "WALL BALL!"

LIGHT GREY - 5oz ~ 140g - This is the only under weight plyo ball in the set and it is great for increasing arm velocity.

Our Players Feedback

This glove is the most beautiful glove I have ever had. In terms of quality I have only one word: WAUW !

Glennsig (Polo) Polonius

Captain NL fastpitch team & Vennep Flyers (NL)

Awesome piece of leather… it fits and feels perfect. Quality and service really great.

Timen van Geel

Borgerhout Squirrels (BE) & Former BE Baseball Team

Amazing piece you guys it’s already been put to good use and it’s and absolute joy to play with it!!!! Kudos to you👊🏻

Matthias De Baets

Borgerhout Squirrels (BE)

Sono rimasto estremamente soddisfatto del risultato ma soprattutto dalla qualità del guanto... Consigliato al 100%!


Bintars (IT)

Awesome glove, it looks phenomenal and feels even better. Will not be using any other glove for a long time!

Nick V. Rietschoten

DVH Amstelveen (NL)

I love it. The glove is very durable and the leather Is just awesome. Can't Wait to play a match with it !!!

Matyas Koluch

Snails Kunovice (CZ)

Very Happy with my new GS infield softball glove

Wouter "Chammy" Kamstra

NL Fastpitch Team

Really happy with my G-Pro. Leather quality is great and the glove is breaking in very nicely!

Tom Poelman

DVH Amstelveen & Scimitars Academy (NL)

Truly amazing brand! Always improving and making sure athletes wear the smoothest glove in the game!🤩

Brenda Beers

Olympia Haarlem & NL Fastpitch Team

Quality and looks are equally great. Very happy with the leather of this glove.

Quincy Jones

Olympia Haarlem (NL) & Former NL Fastpitch Team

Love the glove, real good quality! My hand finally doesn't hurt anymore💪🏻

Noah Boer

SC Vlaardingen Holy (NL)

Really nice glove, you can design it yourself and I don't think I'll need another glove anytime soon

Daan Frank

Red Lions (NL)

I'm super happy with the glove! Break-in was a pleasure because it didn't take forever and the leather still feels superb!

Alexander Artz

Enköping Base-&Softball & Swedish fastpitch team

Really like the look and feel!

The quality of the leather and all the options to customize! My next one is definitely going to be a gimmel glove again!!

Dean van Steenbergen

Orioles (NL)

Great piece of leather!! I love how personal you can make the glove. Won’t be needing a new glove any time soon.

Michelle van der Meer

Olympia Haarlem (NL)

One of the best gloves i’ve had since a long time! Easy to break in, have been using it for several months now and shape is Still the same! Just a great piece of leather!

Thank you for the great service, the follow up and the great glove!

Aaron Solis

Borgerhout Squirrels (BE)


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