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G-Pro Elbow Guard


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Color: Dark Red & Blonde

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  • Dark Red & Blonde

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G-Pro Elbow Guards

The G-Pro Elbow guards bring the hitting protective gear to a new level. 

Designed for hitters to maximize protection in the battings box. The G-Pro Elbow Guards offers superior protection thanks to the two-piece that are linked together to protect your triceps and below the elbow.

The innovative design of the G-Pro Elbow guards will provide maximum comfort while swinging your bat, allowing you to stay focuses while hitting.

Protect your elbow while hitting with the best style with the G-Pro Elbow Guards. 

 The G-Pro Elbow Guards come with a velcro strip on the front in which you will be able to personalize them by sticking your number or favorite flag.

Comfortable, lightweight, durable and stylish.

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