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Swing Trainer Stick by FIELDFORCE


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Swing Trainer Stick by FIELDFORCE

The Swing Trainer Stick is the perfect coaching tool to improve ball contact and hitting mechanics. It helps players to keep focus on the ball at contact points. It is specially good for youth and teenage players. Adults can also use it as far as they do not hit with full power.

Coaches, teammates or parents can hold the stick and position the ball in different hitting zones for the hitter to accurately hit it. 

It is a great tool for practice, at home or on-field warm up before the games. It gives the ability to practice anywhere, just 2 people are required.

It’s light weight and foldable design make it perfect for transportation to and from the field or packing in the car. 

It is made with a Flexible shaft and it is made from durable and high quality materials. Extra elasticity with Auto spring back function. Comes with a baseball size target at the end to hit.


  • Place the target ball on the target position.
  • Player strike the ball and adjust the batting posture.
  • It allows coach to feel the improvement of the trainee by the strength of hitting power
  • Practice different angel of ball
  • Good for any place, indoor/ out door
  • Time-saving: no need to pick up the ball 


  • Do not use full power to hitting the target ball.
  • Only use the normal bat when training with our coach stick.
  • Only use one hand to holding the coach stick, and move the
  • stick follow by trainee’s strike force.
  • Do not hitting the Glass fiber tube, only aim the target ball.


Customer Say

Truly amazing brand! Always improving and making sure athletes wear the smoothest glove in the game!🤩

Brenda Beers

Olympia Haarlem & NL Fastpitch Team

This glove is the most beautiful glove I have ever had. In terms of quality I have only one word: WAUW !

Glennsig (Polo) Polonius

Captain NL fastpitch team & Vennep Flyers (NL)

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