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Inside Out Training Bat by FIELDFORCE


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Inside Out Training Bat by FIELDFORCE

Improve your hitting skills with this training bat that helps correcting the feeling of pushing the inside of the ball and the return of the wrist.

This training bat will help improving your launch angle and contact point so you can hit harder and futher every time.

A few of the benefits you can experience thanks to the Inside Out Training Bat are: 

  • Faster hitting and longer flight distance

By using the centrifugal force of the head, the wrist can be turned back and the ball can be pushed in naturally, and the flight distance of the hit ball can be extended.

  • Increased power

By swinging inside out, you can swing without waste and increase your maximum power.

  • Better identification of the ball

Since the bat can be put out at the shortest distance, the ball can be attracted more than ever, and the identification of the ball is improved.


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